Welcome to Holistic by Nature! I created this website many moons ago with the aim to share the wisdom and techniques of complementary medicine. It has since grown into a flourishing website for anyone interested in expanding their skills, being their own healer and master of life! I am a kinesiologist, ka huna practitoner, contributing author in the bestselling series Heart to Heart, blogger for several sites and an expert on Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar. 

You may have noticed a little design change - just keeping up with advances in technology so I can bring you the best of the best! Yes, this is still the same Holistic by Nature you all love! - kp

If you're new to Holistic by Nature, you'll see that in each article I explain ALL elements of mind-body-spirit medicine! You'll learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine, yogic-Chakras and how to use tools such as acupressure, essential oils, crystals and mindfulness thrown in with some tasty quantum physics, anatomy and physiology. I make it clear and simple so you can use this understanding at home!

I have two beautiful clinic spaces in Canberra, Australia where you can come and work with me. I also offer online consultations for those further afar. Kinesiology is truly holistic; I talk to your body – you get a direct line of access to your body, mind, subconscious and Spirit. Everything that comes up in a session is your body talking to you! I integrate Western and Eastern techniques and wisdom to help you learn about your well-being and what factors are blocking your natural healing process. Each session includes gentle balancing techniques and insights to take home.

I can help with any issue in your life - simply click on the images below for more information. Sign-up for email updates and 'like' Holistic by Nature Kinesiology on Facebook so you can keep up to date with the latest articles, offers and inspiration. Kindly - Kate @ Holistic by Nature




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